How to apply

Embark on your German language learning journey with Edunova. Connect with us today and let your language aspirations take flight!

Step 1: Choosing the Ideal Program

Are you looking to master the German language with Edunova? Whether you’re planning to travel to German-speaking countries, aiming for language proficiency exams, or simply wish to enhance your language skills rapidly, we have the right program for you. Reach out to our International Student Coordinator for expert guidance through the program selection process.

If you have specific queries about our courses, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Academic Coordinator.

Step 2: Enrollment Process

Enrolling in an Edunova course is simple. Complete the application form, provide the required documents, and book your slot by paying the fees once your application is approved. Upon successful submission of your application and the payment, Edunova will promptly contact you regarding further process and classes. 

Step 3: Orientation Experience

Your journey with Edunova kicks off with a comprehensive orientation session. These orientation sessions are scheduled weekly, ensuring you’re well-prepared before your classes begin. During the orientation, you’ll become familiar with Edunova’s schedule, policies, academic structure, and the range of extracurricular activities we offer.

Step 4: Fee Payment

Your first day at Edunova marks the payment day. You’re required to settle the payment for your initial month of classes.

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